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09-08-2010, 11:28 PM
Originally Posted by Galvis
Did it become okay for a pay to play mmo, to charge extra money for game functionality?
It's a slippery slope and we've slipped down that slope a bit.

and it bothers me that it may set a precedent for pay to play games to give limited playability just because you aren't paying enough.
The bad news is: I think you have a point. And that it does set a bad precedent.

The good news is: Certain commentary by a certain Executive at the company, when interviewed about that executive's next project, leads many to believe that the model isn't working all that well because of the problems you cite.

Oh heck, I won't beat around the bush. When interviewed about the next Cryptic game, Jack Emmert basically said that no matter how much he believes they did the right thing with STO, the critical reviews and fan reactions told him they did the wrong thing.