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09-09-2010, 06:58 AM
Originally Posted by White Knight
Thank goodness for Cryptic languages filter.
Not sure thats working some guy got plastered yesterday and in Big font said F*CKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

PVP is suppose to be a fun activitiy that everyone can enjoy. At some point your going to have a bad match.
3/5 rato now.

The fact that everyone is rewarded regaurdless of winning or losing is one of the issues right now. I think thats the main reason you have so many people running around full impulse. Smaller rewards for the losing side or no reward would weed out these people who simply hide cloaked or full impluse to be killed.

I still think smaller fights are better for pvp 3 to 5 on a team max. This is simply do to the ratio set up by PVE element.

3 light cruisers = 1 Capital
1 Cruiser, Science,Assault = 1 Cruiser, Science, Assault
This is the ratio created by Cryptic and its the main fail point of massive PVP

Sure your all running different equipment. However the fact is once you go past 3 ships firing on you all the right BO abilitys can't save you from being wiped out by a Wolf pack.

The only other thing I would change right now is at high lvls PVP people can creat PVE ship not a huge problem except when you have a 10 on 10 going and each ship creates 2 more PVE ships that 40 extra ships this creates huge lag issues. add in Extra saucers and some wings of fighters you can see how high lvl PVP can be a real mess right now.