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09-09-2010, 08:19 AM
Originally Posted by Cannyone View Post
Several times now, when invited to a Klingon Bridge I have got stuck inside the bulkhead. The "/stuck" command did nothing. I couldn't abort anything, and the option to "beam up" was greyed out. And curiously I didn't show up as being on their bridge so the other Captain couldn't even kick me... All I could do was exit the game completely wait for 10 minutes then log back in. Then I found myself back where I originally was, as though I had never tried to visit someone's Bridge.
I had another instance of being stuck on someone's bridge last night. It was the default bridge of the B'rel Bird of Prey. One might think that this issue might have been fixed in almost 6 months... But sadly Cryptic does NOT fix their bugs. I supposed they think it gives their games "character".

And a few days ago I was doing a Fed mission in Alpha Centauri and when I beamed back up to my ship - my ship was lodged half way into a Nav Beacon. This is another case of something that has not been fixed in over six months. (As I know it used to happen quite frequently soon after release.) So my question is... What IS the Bug Department, at Cryptic, DOING????? I mean besides taking home a paycheck and commiserating with each other at the water-cooler...