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09-09-2010, 08:52 AM
Originally Posted by White Knight
I just don't do it anymore. Not worth it.
This is unfortunate, you are missing the best pvp in STO. Additionally Ker'rat is an opportunity for Feds to stop doing what some AI list says and act like a starship commander.

In one of your own starfleet academy courses the tactical concept "Clear the area of all known cloaked hostiles then proceed with your mission" was mentioned. The first thing a Fed should do upon arriving in Ker'rat is to check social and determine the exact number of cloaked hostiles. Upon finding some, you should call for back up (if your numbers are less than 10). After you have broken the will of the forces there you can proceed with the mission at hand. Doing this in another order or expecting the cloaked hostiles "to just leave me alone while I do my dailies" is ludicrous. Use the training and fleet support that you have at your disposal.
Remember Ker'rat is a WAR Zone and you WILL be fired upon without warning.
Enjoy your time in Ker'rat.

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