Thread: C-Store update?
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09-09-2010, 09:16 AM
Originally Posted by Desdecardo View Post
How would it be an infraction? Its the Merc outfit. Its in the Engineering Reports. No secret about whats coming out today. Just look at the list and go "Excelsior is out. The calander says the Nebula comes out in 2 weeks. The Merc outfit according the Engineering reports comes out in between the Excelsior and the Nebula. That means if there is a C-store update between either of those ships it should be the Merc outfit. And it wouldnt be an infraction. Its public knowledge.
I take it you haven't read any of my other posts regarding the C-Store. It's not that I couldn't tell you what we were getting (I really couldn't care less at his point, anyway). It's that I'm so fed up with everything going up there that anything that I would say regarding it would get me censored.