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09-09-2010, 10:33 AM
Originally Posted by Galvis
Did it become okay for a pay to play mmo, to charge extra money for game functionality? hasn't nor is it right now. Lots of people are up in arms about the C-Store. Fluff was fine...then they put items that have special powers that can ONLY be gotten through RMTs. If it was a F2P game then I doubt it would be quite as bad, but Cryptic's double-dipping and double-charging its playerbase.

Originally Posted by superchum View Post
It's a slippery slope and we've slipped down that slope a bit.
Just a bit? I think that the slope is oiled down and we're surfing down it at warp speed.

Oh heck, I won't beat around the bush. When interviewed about the next Cryptic game, Jack Emmert basically said that no matter how much he believes they did the right thing with STO, the critical reviews and fan reactions told him they did the wrong thing.
Jack basically wrote off STO (and CO as an extension) as failures in that interview. With the sheer amount of stuff being sold (BOTH fluff as well as functional gameplay assets) I have been of the opinion for months that Cryptic is trying to milk the community for all its worth before dropping the game and focusing on the NWN OMG.

Until I am proven otherwise that's how I'll always see it.

OMG...**snicker**...perfect acronym for a Cryptic game. :p