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09-09-2010, 11:37 AM
Originally Posted by UFP-Magnis View Post
why, the majority never asked for them.. Their is no real purpose for them in game play or missions content. another not asked cryptic item.
Well, you dont have to buy them. I wont. But I think its a really nice option for the players that like it. And it adds some more diversity. Thats never bad. And Im sure some RPers will love it.

Originally Posted by Godwin
Could we please get more off-duty costume slots then? As of now, even when you buy additional costume slots, you still only have 1 in which you can choose off-duty ones. it makes all the additional off-duty costumes a bit silly. I hope we can get to set a costume slot as either off-duty or not soon, especially those of us who bought the extra slots (expecting just that).
/signed. Bought more uniform slots, and its nice to be able to change outfits depending on mood. But only one off-duty slot is not enough or my moods...