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09-09-2010, 01:23 PM
First off, why are Feddies getting MERCENARY outfits? Since when did Starfleet officers become soldiers of fortune? Secondly, who asked for them? I know I didn't, nor will I purchase them. Still, it's more customization options for players.

Note: This costume pack is for the off-duty costume slot. Mercenary wear may be mixed with other off-duty options. Purchase of this option unlocks these costumes for every Federation character on an account.
Why only off-duty uniforms? Shouldn't they be considered as duty outfits? And where's the Klingon love? It makes more sense to have a militaristic and aggressive faction have this type of clothing. And how come these outfits can be mixed-and-matched with other off-duty pieces but the formal wear can't?

And why the C-Store? Why not as in-game unlockables? When ARE we going to see C-Store items unlockable in the game as promised?