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09-09-2010, 03:57 PM
Originally Posted by UFP-Magnis View Post
c-store team is not independent of the forums and the game. They are separate from the STO team in some BS fashion. BUt we know the deal already that what we ask for in polls will obviously be in the c-store(granted we did not ask for this crap). if you did not try to be such a smart ars you would comprehend the logic in my disagreement with these useless items.

Bring items to the c-store. sure you have to make your money some how but, bring them with function in the game. that way you not only increase your market growth and subscribers who will buy the items but also more people will want to get the game. The time for non functional attributes should be over with STO. Cryptic and All teams with regards to STO its season 2, let us go forward with new items that have functionality in the game.

While i wont buy the item i will not be silence to the facts that to many items in the game do not bring function to the game and are not even canon based. Why would a federation officer wear a mercenary outfit. the two dont go hand in hand. Even at the bit of being a rogue fleet in the federation,(highly unlikely) you cant raid any federation bases of other fleets because there are none or klingon territory because its all pvp.
If they're useless then don't buy them. I've been waiting for these myself personally for RP aspect and as such, bought them the second I logged in (saved my CP from the sale hehe). We're getting new items (cryo grenades anyone?), and as for your not even canon based argument... Have you played STO? :p In the end, this is a game. It's not a TV show for ST, nor will it ever be. Otherwise we'd be hard pressed to find things to do not to mention traveling would take DAYS if we followed canon. Stormy stated awhile back quite logically why this isn't hard canon and rightfully so. You'd spend days via warp, as a LT wouldn't even have a ship, take years to get up too captain, and the list goes on.

But I do agree, we need more functional new toys :p