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09-09-2010, 04:18 PM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
...Oh, and here's one that *SHOULD* give FDX, but does not:
Mission Giver: Commander Samuel Winters (ESD)
Misison: Patrol the Kassae Sector (Lt 7)
SubMission: Secure Cernan System
Scan some Wreakage.
FDC Value: 0 FDX.

For what it's worth, I reported it as a bugged mission, tkt #968,445.
Support's response to my bug report:
In looking into this issue it appears to be working as designed. We are going to move this ticket to our bug reports so we can look into whether this mission should be giving diplomatic experience, but at this time we are not going to be granting any. Thank you for playing Star Trek Online.
I'm impressed I got a personal response, instead of the usual generic one. So that was nice. I hope they take it seriously and add that. Not that I care if this alt gets the "missing" 10 points, it just doesn't make sense that the third of these exact same land and scan missions, while progressing through the beginning part of the game, wouldn't give FDX, but the first two do.