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09-09-2010, 04:19 PM
Originally Posted by Sonaos View Post
I only have one question....

Where's the eye patch? I know I saw an eye patch in a screenshot somewhere. I wish I could find said screenshot..

Edit: Found it.
I remember that screen shot... You mean to say the eye patch didn't make it into the final product? WTF? I was looking forward to that (had a great RP story on how the eye was lost, too)

Also, are there any other customizations? For example, can I wear the sweater and vest only, without the arm braces or chest bandolere. Is the belt optional or a required part of the pants?

Damn, it's too bad these are "Off Duty" - I would love to add at least the belt, and probably the bandolere to my regular Starfleet uniform.

Really Cryptic, you guys just need to do away with this whole on/off duty costume thing and just unite the clothing. I know there's some sort of "technical differences" between the two, but fix 'em. Before you make any more of either, make sure they're one united type/slot with universal mixable parts. Please!

And why aren't these available for Klingons? Klingons are playable as a Federation Race (from the C-Store, no less).