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09-10-2010, 12:31 AM
Ok, so this last Labor Day Sale weekend, I went a little crazy, purchased some more costume slots, and made more uniforms (here's my current list). Today I got the Merc pack and I have made two alternates myself: "Ranger" (think more casual Outdoorsman, less Green Beret) and "Assassin" (Black and red robes and geared to negotiate with extreme prejudice) and have a slot all ready for Blackvaar's Canon version. My only problem now is that I wonder in anticipation whether he'll go with colors from the movies/shows, chart the C-Store photo version, find something cool/new, or all three! Oh the suspense!

That said, I learned something today about having multiple Off Duty costumes. I thought this would be a good place to share it. It's a work-around which lets you use the C-Store costume slots for Off-Duty clothing (including the 21st Century Formal and the Merc Packs). This is how I have three Formal suits and three Mercs in addition to my original "t-shirt and jeans" Off-Duty Uniform.

This only seems to work with the C-Store purchased slots, not the other in-game Uniform slots. And it does cost you Energy Credits. For those that don't know, here's the trick:
  1. Buy C-Store Costume Slots.
  2. Go to a Tailor wearing any "on-duty" uniform.
  3. In the Tailor window click your new empty slot and create a new costume, but just click through, and Purchase. If you notice, at this point you do not have access to the Off Duty clothes.
  4. Once purchased and back on your Tailor costume list, click that new uniform and Modify it.
  5. In the edit windows you can go to the third page and change into any clothing you have unlocked, including the previously unaccessable Off Duty clothes. If you've previously Saved any Off Duty "patterns" you can also now click Load and recover them instead of re-creating them fresh.
  6. Make your changes and Purchase. You'll note that since you're "changing" a costume, there is the aforementioned Energy Credit cost.
  7. Rename your new costume slot to something useful/creative.
  8. ...and voilą! New Off-Duty Costume Slot.
I hope there are people that find this useful. I sure did! I'll now step away from the lectern and return you to your regularlly scheduled Blackvaar update for which I'm sure we are all eagerly waiting.

Note: Apparently it's not a guaranteed fix. There are some people that, for whatever reason, this work-around doesn't work. That said, worked perfectly for me.

12/01 Update: In a recent update, Cryptic made a change that affects the above. The trick still works, but once you save your Off Duty uniform in the On Duty slot, you won't be able to go back in and edit it. If you do it will lock that slot back into being an On Duty only slot.