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# 84 the wall of text BO
09-10-2010, 07:22 AM
while we appreciate the wall of text BO power you just activated. Heres a reason why your STFU is non-functional. Be a pirate thats cool, awesome even but STO has no system for you to be a pirate, No way for a Starfleet officer to turn rague. for that matter remeber how would you have your whole crew turn rogue and disobey starfleet all together. On a defiant sure there is only 50 crew. In truth there is no real raiding function, no true mec function in the game. you cant attack the real klingon empire. You cant attack the true way or the alternate federation empire. its just not functional. hence why many say what gives. I mean the grenades on the outfit dont even work but thats besides the point. I myself am saying enough with the useless garbage. From here on out make attributes functional. I am not saying you cant have your outfit. I am saying make it functional to be a pirate or merc.

This is additional content that can make the game better. Overall i am asking for function in the game which i think is what all of you want. No more usless items. no more items without purpose and function.