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09-10-2010, 09:43 AM
Originally Posted by Galvis View Post
Did it become okay for a pay to play mmo, to charge extra money for game functionality?
Around the time people started buying these items from the item store NCSoft and Cryptic put together for City of Heroes/Villains.

Just so you understand, those items, and the items currently on sale in Cryptic's C-Store may offer gameplay changes, but those changes are not now, nor will they ever be game-breaking. Claiming that anything on the C-Store (or the NCSoft CoH/V item store) is game-breaking requires a detailed report analyzing how the item in question breaks the game and so far, none of the threads that claim this that I've seen has shown such detailed analysis.

If and when a thread comes out and displays a detailed analysis showing that game-breaking items exist on the C-Store, I'm pretty sure Cryptic will act accordingly and probably boost other equivalent in-game items to such a state where the C-Store item no longer seems "required".