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09-10-2010, 11:08 AM
/Signed +$40

I would totally buy Very Rare Bridge Officers in the C-Store. Honestly, this might be something to get me to break my embargo and purchase some extra BO slots from the C-Store too.

Precedent has set the price too, 240CP will get you the Borg BO and I believe she's considered VR (she has Superior/unusual Traits). Race, gender, traits, and career are all hard-wired in though, but this does unlock for all Fed characters on the account. (Another 240 gets her on your Klingon side.)

Allow me to pick race, gender, traits, and career, but keep it as a single-character only service. That would be a fair trade off, I think. But since the customization does make things more complicated and gives the player more power... Maybe even going as high as 300CP would be acceptable.

Skills could remain random, that's fine, I can change those in-game. But it would be nice if we could pick those too... Hmmm... If those were unlocked, 400CP would be ok.

So yeah, I'd open up the wallet and give Cryptic $5 of real world money for some pixels if I could buy a customized BO in the C-Store and save my time/effort of game play in coming up with millions of credits to buy off the exchange. $4M if I want a BO with Beam Overload III? $20M for Efficient Trait? Sheesh!!!

Sure, getting EC can be "easy" if you put time into it. But as the OP mentions, some of us don't have that time with Real Life, work, social calendars, etc. STO is a hobby for me (an addiciting, fun one, to be sure), and I put money into my hobbies. I would likely outfit my whole crew this way. That's $20. Per character... I have two "main" characters, and I've started two others... Hmmm... (Yeah, I'm ashamed to say, I'd probably do it, as least on those two mains.)

Should these CP-purchased BOs be in-game tradable? Hmmm.... Not sure about this one. If they were locked from trading, I wouldn't mind. I could see advantages, but I could think of abuses too. Thoughts?