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09-10-2010, 03:25 PM
My name is Kalara , I am a mighty warrior of the House of Korax who is a member under the KDF Alliance.

I do have the ability to step out of character in which I will with this post and speak as god help me a human and not as a Klingon for the moment at least.

Many things I was going to bring up have already been covered by the Great Korax so I will just highlight one main thing and see how you respond before I continue.

Background of myself and my experiences: I come from a strong background of being a Guild leader on many different MMOís I have played on. The largest guild I am running now with over 300 members which is on WoW.

one problem at a time, help one person at a time. More than likely it will be a council composed of each of the fleet leads and their officers.
This is a great idea in which I have always tried to implement myself as well, however is impossible. I have a large order of officers within my guild however a guild that size with the issues that come up can sometimes take up my entire evening or day trying to take care of even with the officers in place.

1.) We all have real lives and we all want to be able to also enjoy the game but how can that happen when you are proposing what you are.

2.) If you handle one problem at a time, help one person at a time then you will find that you will lose a lot of people from the empire side because it takes head council so long to get to each person. Donít get me wrong you can have a day here and there that things go great but with the amount of people you are talking about that will not happen even with a high council.

Perfect example in which I see happen alot with the more people that are in a fleet/house is with all the personalities that you will be combining together will cause there to be problems more so then my messily 300 members. At least in a house/fleet if there is someone within the house that causes issues or constantly trying to cause trouble even after being approached by the leaders of the house/fleet then we have a great option if the person does not attempt to make changes that they can be removed from the fleet/house. What you are proposing this would not be an option which then can cause the issue to become much larger and possibly the loss of some great players.

Your idea of it being Chillex is a wonderful idea but I can tell you in any MMO this is not possible with the many different attitudes and personalities. I have yet to see you refer to any MMO experience that you have in the past and of running a guild, fleet, or house. So please share some of your background experience with us as well.

CLEARLY its working as there are three fleets combining into one. It's not everyone, its only three fleets O_O. It is OPTIONAL, as in hey I'm interested I'll have a message, or hey I'm not interested I'ma go play the game. .

Why have these fleets not spoken up within this forum about this idea and made their selves known and also give credence to this idea as well.

Now back to Klingon form:

tIq yIn Korax