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09-10-2010, 04:08 PM
Originally Posted by Galvis
I never, in my post, stated that anything in the c store was game breaking.

However, giving players 2 character slots (3 with a klingon faction when a character reaches rank 5) and then charging for more slots strikes me as unethical. The extra bridge officer slots makes for a better away team makeup, as you can have multiple of the same type (this mission has a lot of enemies, so take 1 science officer and 3 tacticals or 4 engineers for the aoes, or four science officers for super heals.) They may not be game breaking, but they are game altering.
Actually, a third slot (and Klingon play) is unlocked at level 6, not 5. However, I agree with you. Three character slots by default is not nearly enough, especially for people with altitis. I have like 9 unlocked, 5 of which came with my sub (with only 3 currently in use). To add insult to injury, Cryptic gave us some BS about storage space when we called them out on it.