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09-10-2010, 04:54 PM

Although the idea of the gathering of Houses of the Empire is indeed a great idea, we have found through great pains that every playstyle is indeed different....even those that are likeminded differ in ways. We have tried to create a single GREAT HOUSE called the Blood Guard. Unfortunately, individual conflicts got the better of the group as a whole and that 'project' was scrapped and reformulated into the now strong and growing stronger KDFA (Klingon Defense Force Alliance). In the KDFA we do not want to control the House's associated with us. Instead, we let the Houses' govern themselves. The House leaders and their seconds (or other representatives of their House) gather each week to discuss issues with the game and suggestions for improving the gameplay for the Klingon faction.

We have been in contact with the game developers and those higher up in the studio with viable suggestions and questions (some have been acted on in patch 2.0 and more will be addressed in later patches) that help out the Klingon gameplay. All playstyles are welcome, roleplayers, casual gamers, etc. and all Houses have the same 'weight' in voting on ideas or suggesting ideas. Currently we have an alliance of 17 distinct Houses and are always looking for more members to make this a global (or galactic) effort to help out. Now let me finish off this unabashed plug for our group with a website you can visit to find out more...

Now, like I said the idea is a great one but concerns reguarding this are many from me.
  1. One fleet will not work with the amount of players in game.
  2. If the group is run by one person then the group will sway towards that person's will.
  3. You say you don't want to control the others, however, whomever will be in charge (you or someone else) can create/enforce rules on all individuals.
  4. Not everyone will feel like their voice is being heard.
  5. There is no reason for a redundant 'Klingon Project' when a group already founded and running exists.
  6. Creating an inroad that the development team will recognize as legitimate took us a long time to cultivate.

We have the trust from the development team and higher up the Cryptic chain that we have nurtured by showing them we don't want this group to be a complaint fest of our gripes in game but also proffer solutions to the issues we come across. Trust is a fickle takes a long time to grow but can be lost very quickly. Although I applaude your concerns for the Klingon race in game and wanting the cohesion we all seek, I implore you to go slow if you still plan on going ahead with this. If you lose the trust of Cryptic in the future, you may disrupt the relationship that others have worked hard to forge.

Good luck to you no matter what your endeavors in the future hold, although I can not speak for the KDFA as a whole, I, personally, would welcome your House or any allied to your group into our Council if you truely want to better the Klingon faction.

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