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09-10-2010, 06:32 PM
Kudos to you for recognizing my quips and entonation. I was not being sarcastic however and meant every word I said. You chastize people for not reading your posts fully; yet you did not read mine fully. I said I WAS NOT calling you a tyrant, but you explicitly stated I was. I did make a well known point that you keep stating you do not want any leadership role yet YOU are the one proposing this. YOU are the one setting it up. YOU are the one defending it with not one statement from these supposed fleets joining YOU. YOU are the one cutting people's statements down. Including but not limited to telling someone they did not know anything because it was their first post. I have watched this forum from its inception. I did not join until I had something to say. And yes I have very few posts just like the person you chastized for posting his first post. It does not make my words any less important than yours. I read every post in this forum. Every single one, yet I only respond to a few. Now back to the point I was making. NOT ONE PERSON will work thousands of hours to put something into being and not want some type of leadership. You want something for either yourself or your boyfriend out of this. I have beta tested many MMO's including this one. I have ran more guilds than you can count. I have seen people state they want no leadership and when it is not forced on them they leave. Now you come in here stating you are going to save the Klingon faction in this game. You keep using the words WE and ME and yet not one other person has posted stating they have joined or intend to join you in your venture.

In short I see that you did not do YOUR homework and this venture will either fail or be mildly; and I mean very mildly, effective. YOU did not check to see if there was a system like you proposed already in existence. YOU then get upset when people who are doing what you propose suggest things and get upset that YOU are stating YOU are our SAVIOR and we need to join you. WE are NOT snot nosed 10-13 year olds who play WOW but are intelligent people who can read between the lines.

Now does anyone see a pattern? Yes it is the word YOU (Meaning Leonheart). Now I did not cut you down in any way in this post. I pointed out a few things (do not think in any way that I did not get how you turned some of my words and phrases around from my last post) and I know you will not like them. I am Chillaxed and calm. It is YOU getting upset when people show you holes in your plan. When people get passionate about something it is not right to cut them down. I would never have posted here if you had not tried to make someone else feel 2 inches tall and less intelligent than they are. I am not trying to do this to you. If you feel this way then you are over sensative.

Good night and sleep well.

P.S. I am not in Klingon mode and never was when I posted to you. Hopefully this clears some things up.

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