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09-10-2010, 05:57 PM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
So yeah, I'd open up the wallet and give Cryptic $5 of real world money for some pixels if I could buy a customized BO in the C-Store and save my time/effort of game play in coming up with millions of credits to buy off the exchange. $4M if I want a BO with Beam Overload III? $20M for Efficient Trait? Sheesh!!!
While I agree with your overall position (I cant believe I'm typin' this...) I think $5 is an under valued amount given the importance of of BOs in game. I think BOs should be $10 or about half the price of the best- err.. most expensive ship in game for a BoA officer.

For none BoA officers the price should be at least $15 and people should be limited to say four max purchases per account.

This is so because at $5 or even $10 price ranges I can easily see people buying them and putting them on the AH for millions of credits as a way to fund a fleet starbase and other such endeavors should the devs include them in game.