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09-10-2010, 07:07 PM
Originally Posted by .Spartan View Post
While I agree with your overall position (I cant believe I'm typin' this...) I think $5 is an under valued amount given the importance of of BOs in game. I think BOs should be $10 or about half the price of the best- err.. most expensive ship in game for a BoA officer.

For none BoA officers the price should be at least $15 and people should be limited to say four max purchases per account.

This is so because at $5 or even $10 price ranges I can easily see people buying them and putting them on the AH for millions of credits as a way to fund a fleet starbase and other such endeavors should the devs include them in game.
No way pay $15 for a BO! I can't believe you typed that either! haha Are you kidding? Heh. Bite your tongue man! Shame on you. (all fun jest here, I'm not meaning any insult btw)

Seriously though, they charge $6 now to unlock the Amazon Borg on all your Fed and Klingon characters. Why would I ever want to spend more than that on a single BO for a single character?

I'm not sure what you meant by "putting them on the AH for millions of credits" - but if you mean the exchange, that's why I mentioned about locking them from trade. I could get behind that and agree it that if they could be traded/sold they would be abused. Don't limit to four.

Maybe I want ground traited/skilled and space traited/skilled characters speparately. I should be allowed (and they'd want me) to buy as many BO as I'd like.

But just like the Amazon/C-Store Borg or the Holo Friend Referral BO, lock them to that one Captain and prevent trading/selling. Problem solved.

P.S. I get it - AH == Auction House == Exchange, right?