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09-10-2010, 08:39 PM
Aloha. Wow hold on lol, I just got back from a meeting in regards to Thunderbyrds questions. However, the rest of you are going to have to wait your turn. Keep in mind I won't be answering anyone else's questions until the first ones are set. First come first serve. After your questions have been dealt with, you are welcome to go 'to the end of the line' and wait your turn when next it comes. This is for our own sanity, and to ensure everyone is dealt with in an appropriate and timely manner befitting their question.

Any posts with an inkling of venom in regards to starting things up again while we ourselves are still waiting to hear from Chang, will not be acknowledge and there disregarded with aid of a moderator. If you think that your post is even slightly inappropriate you have time to edit it before it reaches the front of the que. At which point it will either be answered or disregarded if it is seen as fitting the requested guidelines. Post pertaining to the more volatile posts that have come before which eventually culminated in the enforcement of the forum guidelines will be considered null. Please keep this in mind when posting.

This thread belongs to the Klingon Project and those that choose to associate with it. It's not a playground.

Given the recent additions of posts, I'm going to tip toe my way back in starting with Thunderbyrd. My request is if there is a post with a set of questions, keep it the same without additional editing for the sake of sanity (unless of course you need to spell/ grammer check your works, which is fine).

Expect only that your questions will be answered and a 'discussion' will not ensue. As mentioned befored hand, this thread is for the continued progress and success of the Klingon Project. Anything less will not be needed.

I would like to thank the new posters in regard to the manner in which they are posting as it is truly much appreciated.

TTYL ^_^
In the meantime everyone is welcome to keep watching this thread until I come back to it with answers per person.

Edit: addition of 'que system' in regards to questions.