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09-11-2010, 12:15 AM
Originally Posted by Cleacoe View Post
I have no problem buying a ship from the C-store, but I would like more Customization options and universal bridge slots on Fed ships bought through the store. Those added options would make the purchase well worth it.
Is it your intention to bait the Kling players here? Because you just did a good job. Fed cruisers get one more bat slot than Kling cruisers do. Feds have dedicated science ships. Feds ships have more hull points than Kling ships of the same tier. Now Feddies have Cloak. You have all the shinney new ships. Now you want more universal slots? Talk about a gimp Plug Ugly on a pogo stick! I have only played my Kling through captain and I can say, that through tier 4, the only ship with universal BO slots are BoPs and that because the Klings don't get a dedicated science ship! It's PLAY to win not PAY to win! L2P!!!