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09-11-2010, 01:47 AM
Originally Posted by MundaneRaptor View Post
While I agree it doesn't work with the ingame timeline or genre; I do not understand how this is an issue about 'Americans' vs 'non-Americans' aka 'everybody else' or national identity...
Each country has instances of tragic events that define a part of their country. However, 9/11 doesn't have the same impact to the rest of the world as it does to Americans. Sure it is tragic, but the Haiti Earthquake, Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, and various other natural disasters are more of a concern to the rest of the world. Everyone is concerned about their own piece of the world and are only mildly concerned about global events. A person in Asia doesn't care about an event in America that happened years ago just like a person in North America doesn't care about an event in Asia that happened years ago. Why should a person in Europe have to be reminded about the actions of a few idiots that would intentionally kill themselves for some undeserved payback rather than trying to make their country better? IMO, it is a subject that should involve rebuilding and moving on rather than dwelling on it. No country is better than any other country and to think otherwise is shortsighted. After all, it is one of the beliefs of the Federation.