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09-11-2010, 02:05 AM
Originally Posted by Dr.Mox
hehe yeah so true!
Looks like some one at Star Fleet Command does not read his memos, infact Quinn must have a cone of silence over him in his office. ^^

Nice one Cryptic, another thing to look forward to in the weekends.
It may be that Starfleet (a military organization) and the Federation (a political organization) have an internal conflict of interest when it comes to the Deferi and the Breen. Especially with the Klingons (who are at war with the Federation) taking such an interest in honoring their friendship to the Deferi.

I'm curious to see how this internal debate will unfold myself

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-crosses fingers, hoping the next reward is either a CRM 200 or a Neural Truncheon-
Awesome Avatar btw...