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Hello, I bought the mercenary costume pack and I love it, it made me use my off-duty costume for the first time in months. However it brought also up a few issues why I abandoned off-duty clothing in the first place. So here's my three-point list of how to make off-duty clothing even more awesome!

1) Make it available for KDF Klingons, liberated Borg, Orions and Nausicaans. I get it that the Gorn body structure is too different, but for the others it should be easy. Is it fair for the Gorn? No. But neither is excluding the whole faction because of them.

2) Let us mix and match uniforms and off-duty clothes for both captains and bridge officers. It was allowed for the latter at one point and it was really cool to have a liberated Borg engineer in civilian clothing like Seven of Nine (just not that form-fitting). I don't think that CBS will mind, they already have allowed us to go Breen hunting in an evening dress, why should they complain if someone mixes the upper part of said dress with uniform pants and combat boots or a standard uniform with the belt from the mercenary pack?

3) Let us take our communicators everywhere. Seriously, this is the most important point for me. You know how it is. After being almost frozen by Breen cryo-grenades you want to take your shore leave on the Risian beach, beam down and while you are away the first officer goes into pon farr, the chief engineer assimilates the engine room, the tactical officer gets stuck in the Klingon calisthenics holoprogram and the redshirt that had to use an emergency beam out because of Borg nanoprobe infestation cowers in fetal position under a bed in sickbay while the ship counselor has nightmares because of telepathic distress calls by an unknown species. And nobody can call the captain. Why? Because there's no combadge on off-duty clothes. Troi had it on her off-duty clothes, Seven too, I just want the same option.