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09-11-2010, 06:32 AM
While I agree the ground combat defentily needs a revamp, some of the ideas in this thread are a little scary. the idea of making the game into first person shooter (gag, I HATE FPS), or a one-two death, is horrifying.

For me a a First person shooter would really slaughter the whole role-playing and imersion capability of the game, not to mention the capability of being in command of the subordinate npcs we bring into the field on solo missions. Alot of the combat tactics of ST:O and most other MMOs are strat based, your group works as a team in a startegy that is proven to work. The nightmare of trying to manage a group of first person shooters would really slaughter capability of designing steats that I hope to one day see in the endgame content of ST:O not to mention the poor fleet leader who would have to succesfully manage a large fleet of players.

The problem I see of a one or two shot death system it would, is again at end game content, someone getting a little to efficent and pulls threat (and from all indications threat is defentily a real part of STO) it would slaughter any future healer activity and make it a utter nightmare for a tank to regain threat, not to mention result in a very a bad fleet action if your group wasn't perfect. The modification to end game shields would have to be adjusted terribly to compensate for the player having no life, and armor would also have to be adjusted to make it so that people wouldn't die so quickly via resistance.

So PLEASE devolpers don't go those two approches....

Sry about being so negative in this thread... but *shiver* scary ideas in this thread!