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09-11-2010, 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by evilhippo View Post
There are less Klingons than Feds and one of the reasons for this is there is less Klingon content than Fed content... a lot less... and much of the Klingon content is 'lite' versions of Fed content...i.e. certain features are removed... no wandering DSE's in Klingon space, vastly less uniform choices, less ships (NO retrofits), no crafting, no anomaly mini-games, no functioning tricorders, no diplomacy, in Cold Call the ambassador does not beam over to the Klingon ship the way he does for the Feds, etc etc etc....

And so there are less and less Klingon players by the day as they slowly bleed away because every time Cryptic release new Fed content without also releasing comparable Klingon content, more K side players say F**k this and quit the game in disgust.

And far from narrowing the gap, they are widening it.... they added the Excelsior even though the Feds already have FOUR retrofits and Klingon have ZERO (Feds get content... Klingons get vague promises).

Strange business model if you ask me.
I hear ya bud, if i didnt have a lifetime I wouldnt even be reading up on these things or even log intot he game every now and then, I jsut live in hope that one day somthing awsome will be dumped on the klingon side that we can play with to peek our intrest for a couple of weeks...