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Why must forum posters be so harsh?

Post nasal drip is it?
I am sorry, Thlaylie. Don't you remember me from the Caitian threads where we both expressed our appreciation of Larry Niven and the contributions he made to Star Trek? The post nasal drip comment was a heavy handed attempt at comedy nothing more. I figured you would get it because, as far as I know, no one uses post nasal drip as an insult. Again forgive me I will be more cautious in the future.

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How can you tell humans have become more stupid since the '60s?

Current Space station doesn't rotate! Zero-G is fatal immediately sapping your bones of calcium and enlarging your heart.
It does not rotate because the experiments performed there are zero gravity experiments. Rotation would impart artificial gravity and ruin the desired results.

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The 60's scientists knew what they were doing, now obviously not so much.

Seems they are just lubbing the crap out of everything to prevent VC.

Didn't stop the idiots from installing and misprogramming a timer on the solar panel array of the 1rst Mars rovers.
I did not hear about the malfunctioning solar panel array. Far as I know both rovers performed well past their predicted run times.

Now Star Dust is a good example of a mistake. Star Dust's error was caused when someone failed to convert from metric to United States Customary Units. That's why it's chute did not deploy after re-entry.

I know the rest of the world uses metric and Americans are considered backwards for sticking with a variation of English Units but damn it fractions are more accurate. In English Units a third of something is always a third of something. In metrics, because they are based in units of ten and the French demanded a unit of measure devoid of fractions after the French Revolutionary War, a third is .3333333333333333333ad infinum.

Case in point in a recent documentary I watched a scientist give the degree of the coldest temperature that mankind can generate with laser assisted evaporative cooling. She used the metric system and at the end of the decimal she closed with a fraction. Seriously, to make the Metric system accurate enough the lady employed a hybrid number.

Of course I could be wrong in all this, everything any American does lately seems to be wrong in the rest of the worlds eyes, but the French Revolution giving birth to the Metric System is what I was taught and that lady in the documentary is how I remember it. So blame my college algebra instructor and blame that scientist then tell me the other story.

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I like Cryptic's C-Store and think people like you should try to be nicer.
Geez, change my avatar a few times and suddenly I go from nice guy to big meanie...