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09-11-2010, 09:22 AM
Originally Posted by Thlaylie View Post
Sorry, Early morning and all that.

I also suffer from severe sinus problems so might be touchy there.

I am also recovering from a Venwar attack if that helps.

Were you the one that answered my Kzin with a perfect Kzin answer about me being nameless?

That was fun RP and your response was perfect Kzin.
To be honset there was no way for me to know that you have issues with your sinuses. I would not have stooped so low had I known.

I have not played my Adies in some time, leveling my alts you see. So I have no idea what a Venwar was. I thought maybe it was a version of the flu or a bad seasonal alergy. I punched "Venwar Attack" into a goggle search. Low and behold at the top of the list is a link to the "Amusing pVp chat of the week! " thread. Sounds like Venwar is amusing in the least. LOL

All of our contact has been on the forums and I do not RP so it had to be someone else who called you "Nameless." Glad to hear you had fun though.