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# 105 Cryptic Ruining Tailor!
09-11-2010, 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by Godwin
Nope I tried it for half an hour yesterday: not working for me
Happy for those it works for though.
But for me and others like me I hope Cryptic will fix this.
Cryptic have fixed it alright, they fixed it so it doesn't work anymore! >.<

I bought extra costume slots. I can't create extra off-duty costumes!

I complain (and so does the rest of STO) they allow secondary off-duty outfits *whoop*.

So, I buy more slots! They turn off this option!!!! >.<

Worse, I go in to "tweek" my existing extra off-duty uniform and it "quietly" turns it into an ordianry uniform (losing all my changes and settings)! Only revealing this crap on returning me to DS9 (so basicly if I had left it alone and not tweeked it it would have been ok. As it is it cost me 2,500 EC to f**k up my costume).

I'm insensed. I feel robbed and cheated!