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09-11-2010, 05:59 PM
The thing that disapoints me is that bridge functionality/combat should of been designed as a multiple view point system. The Bridge is vital Star Trek Part of ship operations. It makes me wonder what the designers were smoking without including this option from the start. Many older titles did such a good job including these features.

I hear many saying they do not want to fly a flight simulator, well we are in a Star Trek Legacy type simulator aboard our ships....with no epic Captains voice overs. The story lines call for bridge control and functionality, I just find it sad when 2 or 3 games from the 1990's do it better than STO. There is so much farther to go to bring this title up to par from those epic 1990's Star Trek games:
Computer Library interaction on ship (review sensor scans of ship and vunerabilities) gain info on STO and races
pannel functionality
research and development
"trek" subspace communication system./ distress calls/view screen use.
BO assignment and ship uniform tool by class (E,S,T)
Navigation system and sector names not sector block names, its just stupid.
Access our mail and banks from our ships
Classic Space Combat.