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09-12-2010, 12:58 AM
I know that, i bought my game digitly from Gamestop. And Gamestop say's this for the digital order.

EDIT:: I put the CD-key in and it shows up under my active thinsg as Star trek online : Digital order active. But i cant get the Caitian in the C-store.

Download Star Trek Online and receive the GameStop exclusive Playable Federation Caitian creature. This felinoid race has been a loyal member of the United Federation of Planets since the 23rd century. Now is your chance to have one on your bridge! This GameStop exclusive allows you to create Caitian Federation Officers. These Captains begin with the Feline Instincts trait (20% bonus to Stealth Sight, 10% boost to Exploit damage, 75% increase to jump height, 10% chance to dodge half of the damage from ranged attacks).