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09-12-2010, 01:56 AM
Cold Comfort was a nice change of pace. I enjoyed it very much and give Cryptic another Thumbs Up!!!


I agree with a previous poster who said it would have been nice had we arrived in time to fight off the Breen Attack in space and/or shoo'd out their boarding party with a little ground action. The talky bits were great though!

Loved the Playing Doctor and Interegator/Diplomat. Cool! Except one thing needled me, and it's nothing major, it's just... I have a Sci Captain who is skilled in medicine and is (supposed to be) a doctor herself. So some of the exam/treatment dialogue didn't seem appropriate. I'm not sure how to explain it. Except to say when playing the Mission as my Tac, it was fitting that he be talked to about doctoring like he's just a helping hand who took a CPR/First Aid course once. Not sure what/if anything could be done about that, just rubbed me a little wrong.

I loved the prize, or more specifically, the offspring of the prize. LOL A Cryo Tribble?!? Sweet! What I especially like about this, is that it can get otherwise (no offense intended) ignorant players into Tribble Breeding. A bit of side content that many players probably don't know about. Well done! For those that don't know, here's a useful guide:

I love the new Daily Diplo Mission with the Breen Patrol. First off - the Breen's dialogue cracked me up! Fantastic attitude there. Just really well written. Extra Thumbs up for that! And I totally LOVED the gimmick you guys came up with for rescueing the Slaves without paying the GPL. I was literally hooting in glee over that... VERY Star Trek Ending there. Geordi would have been proud!

My only "concern" was when my Tac went through, just to see what would happen, he paid the GPL, and then provoked and fought the Breen, including hanging around for the reinforments. And yet he still got the 10FDX. That surprised me. Any chance of making it so that you can still complete the mission that way and get the XP, Merits, Emblem, but not the FDX if you fight? It would see more realistic. Again, not a big hang-up, just not very diplomatic. :p

And, as with the Tribble Breeding, I like how you're using high profile misisons to draw attention to parts of STO (in this case, the FDC) that some people might not know too much about. Well done!

You guys are doing great. Keep hitting the homeruns!

P.S. Here's a link to Stonewall's Guide to Diplomacy in case anyone needs it:

P.P.S. Any update on fixing Tipping the Scales?