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# 45 Should be worth the wait
09-12-2010, 04:49 AM
D Man.. You may say i've lurked for sometime..

Started up live Thursday after maxing out the Demo From the Last Welcome back weekend.
I'm a wee ship in a large Galaxy Quadrant.. now.. Lt 8 Fed/KDF; so haven't seen this as yet.
I like what has transpired since February End of Beta.
The missions that had not been added in to places like
Memory Alpha give a variety to different play styles..

As along time Member of a Star Fleet Command Group Its good to See the Franchise and Spirit of Trek
Live on Long and hopefully Prosper with you kind people of Los Gatos.

Lurker Exemplar
Prosper as long as you live..

Post Script..
I am still very much hoping to sortie a Mogol and stop blowing them up.. even if my spelling acumen escapes me on names.. I as a past Aero Sim Beta tester have always been drawn to the sleek wings of a proper Avian named or designed flight platform.