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Originally Posted by Ash-Brewster View Post
We should get a alternative option like the feds have though more along the lines of using a tachyon burst to make the breen have to reset their shields and beaming over to resue the defari in the few seconds that their shields are down.

The Enterprise E uses this tatic on the s'ona in insurection.
Though it seems that the devs have the impression that the klingons are more like the pakleds and too stupid to understand science skills and abilities which is not true, there have been many instances of a klingon showing a understanding of this kind of thing.
Klingons are not as stupid as Pakleds. Otherwise there would have been no point to introduce the Pakleds.

But it is is clearly a Federation Engineering/Scientist shtick to come up with odd deflector dish modifications to achieve the required effect of the day. I think there is even a scene where the Jem'Hardar mention their admiration for this ability of Starfleet Engineers, implying that this type of improvisation is not found on others.

If you want the Klingons not to be only taking scraps from the Feddie table, a Klingon option should be fully Klingon. Challenging the Breen to honor duel, or simply dropping his shields with disruptor fire and then beaming the Deferi over. That's the Klingon approach.
As a Klingon, one might even question whether someone that was taken as a slave deserves a rescue, or if his honor can only be restored by dying with the ship he was enslaved on. (Not necessarily all Klingons will come to that conclusion, but it might be on the table.)

Remember that episode about the Klingon-Federation-Benzite Officer exchange program? The Klingons reaction to finding some kind of metal-eating organic material was not studying it and finding counter-measures, but looking for a way to avenge the suspected betrayal of the Enterprise. That's how Klingon priorities should be. Unless they are just Feds with funny foreheads. (But why would we need another one of those?)