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09-13-2010, 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by jburke4
Did you not watch Voyager? The ship was modified using borg tech in the show so why not in the game? I'd also like to see that ham bone looking ship used by the liberated borg in TNG. It was big and ugly but the more ship types the better.
Yeah, I did. I have also watched all Trek to date, and outside of those special situations, I do not see Borgified ships all over Starfleet. Nor would there be any. It is Starfleet, not an assimilation of art directions.

This is yet another rediculous exanple of a few lifers NEEDING to be more special than everyone else even if it totally destroys any semblance to reason. Make all the excuses for it you like, it is just plain silly and childish.

But hey, keep harping on it, surely Cryptic will add it in for 25.00 just for you "special" folks. They don't care if this "universe" makes sense or respects tjhe IP or not apparently. 'Sides, it would go so well with the 21st century formal wear.