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Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Thats curiuos. Seems Klingons are to play as if they are nothing more than stupid beasts of war and not "thinking" soldiers.
It has nothing to do with stupid beasts of war. It is Klingon mentality. They need to show their strength to the Breen. That is certainly not done by buying the slaves, nor by out-witting the Breen with some fancy tech tricks. That's a weasely maneuver not worthy of a Klingon Warrior. Show strength, inspire fear in the Breen, so he (or others of his species) will think twice about trying to do this kind of stuff again.

The survival of the Deferi has no real relevance for someone born in the Klingon culture. It's an entirely optional thing. It is not even that relevant for diplomatic matters - the goal is to make the Breen run and leave Deferi space. The Deferi Ambassador might mourn the loss of his fellow Deferi, but seeing the Breen retreat will be even more valuable to him. This will end to any slavery, too.

Showing your willingness to sacrifice some innocents for your goal proves how serious the Klingons are. Out-Tricking the Breen just shows that you have a weak spot - you didn't want those slaves to die. It will invite the Breen to use human - or rather "Deferi" shields. Which will only mean you will have to sacrifice those lives later. Or you could just give up, because you are clearly not willing to do what is necessary.
Just like Starfleet. That's is the kind of behavior why the Federation is weak and the Klingons are strong.

Originally Posted by Ash-Brewster View Post
I doubt a honour duel would be something the breen would agree to, they care little about honour and they mock the klingons about it quite often.
The latest weekly episode indicates that Breen do have a concept of honor. It's just not Klingon honor, but it might still work.