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09-14-2010, 06:25 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Ah, strength can be shown with superior tactical thinking as well as the power of one's arm. This mission is fun, but only gives the Klingon one option, and I think it could offer more. A simple, decisive shot to the Vessels shield generators and a quick and effieicient Beam out of the slaves- then blowing the Breen to vapor should be possible.
Make the "decisive" shot a random chance affected by a series of possible Player character bonuses, id neccassary. Heck, if we are theorycrafting, redesign the mission to have a optional rescue based on the three archetypes played by the character base.
I would certainly like another option, but again, I am not sure any other option is actually "good" for the Klingon ideals.

Are not the Klingon honor bound by an old debt to protect the Deferi as best as our honor demands? Think of the secondary idea as "counting coup", which is a time honored pratice in most warrior cultures. I take first that which you have denied me, then I kill you as show for others of your culture to know - We are a foe worthy of your fear and respect.
Honor bound to protect every single Deferi, or honor bound to protect the Deferi race and government? That could be a fine and important distinction. And my point still stands - if we show the Breen hostages could work against us, we might invite even more abuse. Better sacrifice some weak Deferi now then lose the entire conflict because you showed the Breen your weakness.

This is the kind of distinction I just expect from Klingon and Federation takes on problem solving. Klingons should be far more willing to be ruthless and aggressive. Impress your enemy with your willpower and strength. The Federation won't do that if there are other options on the table. But these other options are preferred by the Feds because Feds and Klinks have different moral ideals.