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09-14-2010, 07:20 AM
I think what we all want here is not so much a bridge to move into, but the trek atmosphere we like from the show and movies. We want bridge officers screaming reports, the captain shouting orders (or be calm when issuing them), and, in general, the associated panic that comes with space combat. That could be easily implemented if the devs added vocal reports by the BOs.

For example, let's say I click on HYT. Immediately I will hear the captain's voice: "Prepare a torpedo salvo!". The tac BO replies "aye-aye sir!", and when I press fire the captain says "fire!". The BO then says "Torpedoes away!". When they impact, they may cheer or something like that. If the enemy launches torpedoes, a BO might yell "INCOMING!". The damage on the enemy ship could also be reported.

All this would make space combat very atmospheric, like the comm chatter in the Wing Commander series.