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09-14-2010, 08:34 AM
Originally Posted by Harryhausen
This is yet another rediculous exanple of a few lifers NEEDING to be more special than everyone else even if it totally destroys any semblance to reason. Make all the excuses for it you like, it is just plain silly and childish..
You know what they say about assuming, yes? Some of us 'lifers' aren't out to feel any more special than anyone else. Personally, I just love the cyborgs, and any cyborg things I can find, I like. If Liberated Borg had been a subscription-pay race, I'd never have been a Lifer. I only payed the $300 to play a Borg. I always play cybernetic races in games, whenever available, and anything that enhances that just makes it cooler for me.