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09-14-2010, 10:19 AM
Originally Posted by Edgecase View Post

  • You can't actually set the number of kills in a Challenge match below 5 - how will this be handled for the "1 kill" game modes?
  • Can you enter a match with less than a full roster if the team actually wishes to do so?
  • What IS a timeout?
  • When does the 30 second pre-match period start? What are players allowed/not allowed to do?

  • Why are space matches so much shorter than the regular 15 points?
  • Why is the in-combat cloak limit for BoPs only 30 seconds and not the full delay-of-game timer?
  • The kill counts seem to match with the player counts - is this supposed to preclude respawns?
I was nto aware that the kill count could not be set below five, so I will change that accordingly.

Yes you can enter with less then a full roster, but never more then the prescribed roster.

Timeout is a pause of hostilities. That will be covered in more detail when the website is up, but basically a timeout will be called and from the moment the Ref confirms it, everyone has 15 seconds to cease fire. (This is to allow for cycles to complete.) A timeout must be justified, IE team member DCed, or there is rule question. If timeout is unjustified, a yellow flag would be applied to that team that called the timeout. Good question though, and I had meant to put it in the OP, it just was neglected. The full rulebook will be made available via the website as soon as I finish the formatting and proofing.

The point of the 30 seconds is to keep everyone in one spot to ensure everyone is zoned in. You use any defensive skill during these thirty seconds. But it is more to make sure everyone has a chance to load in and get their wits about them.

You actually answered your own question in regards to the space matches. I did not want to account for respawn. My objective was to make the team important, and so I wanted to keep it to if everyone dies once, you lose. Respawns will still occur, so it may not work out that way.

I put the 30 seconds for BoP ONLY in 1v1 Space. It does not apply to groups or teams.