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09-14-2010, 11:37 AM
Originally Posted by Niles_Draconia
This is very cool man. Too bad we can't make it apart of the game to help introduce players a bit more. Or at least do a little audio with it. Anyway Great job.
Originally Posted by jennjahn View Post
Nicely done good sir, nicely done indeed.
Originally Posted by Naju View Post
Very helpful and well put-together. Blackavaar, you are truly a credit to the STO community.
Thank you all very much!

Originally Posted by Malcivious
A PDF or maybe a publicly available Google Doc (they have a Presentation option that's like Power Point) would probably be easier to use for something like this.

EDIT: You should then be able to do stuff like make actual links in the document too, so you don't have an image that you can't click on or select text from, making it far easier to open the links you provided.

EDIT 2:You didn't mention how to disable the Profanity filter?
I agree that another display might be more user friendly, but it would make it harder to go back and fix problems. Once I am sure that all the problems have been worked out and have the time to do so, I will look into making a more sleek presentation.

And the Profanity Filter was deliberately not mentioned. Younger folks may be reading this. Adults should be able to figure it out themselves.