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09-14-2010, 12:36 PM
Assimilated Skin for ships? Sounds interesting.

Who knows, maybe it wil lactually come. Dstahl and matterson mentioned that a new tech for ship customization is in works. Maybe Borg components could be part of that.

THe information is only vague. But it seems the "idea" is that you can equip your ship with stuff and it affects it looks.
So maybe you could get a Resillient Shield Array [Cap] x2 [Borg] and it would add some green blobs around your hull.
You equip your ship with Cannons andinstead of Phaser Strips, your ship has cannon turrets (currently ship have always both to cover all possibliites.)
(This is mostly speculation. Maybe it will be way less cool. Or way more cool. We'll see when it gets here.)