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Section III - "Make it so!"

OK now let's put everything together into some actually tactics. I've touch upon some in the above sections. But let's get into some detail tactics. One thing to watch out for using some of these tactics. They use individual Set Focus or Passive commands. Using the team commands will change these set individual commands .

Dedicated Pacifists

You can designate one or more of you Bridge Officer to dedicated healers. First off you probably only want to give the Bridge Officer defensive ground abilities. But even if not, the Bridge Officer using this tactic won't use any offensive abilities. For a general dedicated healer, but that Bridge Officer into passive stance. In combat that Bridge Officer will do nothing but use healing abilities on targets that target damage. This behavior goes beyond just the Science Bridge Officers using Medical Tricorder. It can also apply to Engineering Bridge Officers using Recharge Shield or Quick Fix on a damaged Drone or Phaser Turret.

"Turrets and Mortars and Drones, oh my!"
Another tactic is the "Oh yeah! What army?" all Engineering Bridge Officer away team.. Give most of them summoning abilities Phaser Turret, Shield Generator, Quantum Mortar, Assault Drone, etc. Give your Engineer some setup time and *transporter sound effect*...instance army. You can kick some serious tail, but watch out for those AoE attacks. They are rough on the equipment.

"Pay attention to ME!!!"
Another trick is a dedicated healer/buffer for you. This can be done by setting up a Science Bridge Officer with heals and buffing abilities. Put that Bridge Officer on passive. Target yourself by hitting F1 or clicking on your portrait, and issue a Set Focus to that Bridge Officer. You know have your own dedicated healer. You will get priority treatment, but being a dedicated healer also means the rest of your team won't be neglected.

This isn't about the controls. It's a tactic. Sometimes it is absolutely vital you have nearly complete control over what targets your Bridge Officers will attack. One mission that this is vital in the RA5 mission "Assimilation". You get to go aboard a Borg Cube. And you really don't want you Bridge Officers shooting everything in sight. Well that is if you don't want to recreate scenes from "Resident Evil".

Basically you can tell you Bridge Officers to attack target 'X' and no other. You do this by putting all of your Bridge Officers into passive stance. At times, you see you Bridge Officers face NPCs, crouch and stand as though in combat in passive stance. This is them reacting to enemies. But they won't attack. Now when you want to nuke an enemy, target the enemy NPC and then use the team Set Focus command. Your Bridge Officers will cut loose on that target and only that target. (Mind the AoE's. You don't want any unwanted spill over.) Once that enemy is defeated, your Bridge Officers will stop attacking.

You can also limit their movement by using a rally point to prevent them from wondering off too far. Remember as you move around their leash points move around too. With a rally point, you can move around w/o your Bridge Officers aggro'ing another spawn.

"To the rear, CHARGE!!!!"
Sometimes you'll over aggro two or spawns and you'll find yourself getting surrounded and overwhelmed. So the prudent thing to do is to call for a retreat and regroup. Most of the time, you running away from everything will cause your Bridge Officers to break off combat and return to their leash points. But sometimes things might be a might complicate with commands that you have given your Bridge Officers.

Remember I said a Set Focus command changes the leash point to the target. Well they will not fall back with one set. And not even a Set Rally will override a [b]Set Focus[b] command. Even if you set them to passive, your Bridge Officer(s) will stick to the target. Well to get around that, issue the team Passive stance command, target yourself (click on your portrait), hit the team Set Focus command (icon or 'Y' key bind). That will make your Bridge Officers break off combat and rally to your side. If you want a specific rally point...well you know how to do that already, don't you? Just be sure to set your Bridge Officer back to aggressive stance afterward to carry on the fight.

"Don't you dare die on me!!"
It probably need to be saids but your Bridge Officer have the same default skills you do: Spring, Crouch, and Resuscitate. Your Bridge Officers can revitalize fallen comrades. And they can even do the same do you. So don't be too quick on hitting that "Respawn" button if you are defeated.
You can't control you Bridge Officers directly. But remember when I said they can do pretty good on their own? Well, let them. You might be surprised. If there are only a few bad guys left, let you Bridge Officers finish them off. After the last bad guys have fallen, they'll rush to your side to give your first aid.

But if you fall in combat and things are dire, you can summon help. That's when that "Call for Help" button come into play. When you hit that button, it tells your Bridge Officers to head your way and try to revitalize you. This can be difficult if that Bridge Officer is under fire. The Resuscitate ability is interruptable. But with a bit of luck, you get be get back on your first and back to fighting trim. I've done this numerous times, when I've bitten off more then I can chew.

"D,D,D,D,D,D, That's all folks."
That all the tips I have for now. I'll be expanding this section as I discover new tactics in the future.