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09-14-2010, 04:56 PM
Originally Posted by Vulcan.Skon View Post
I salute the OP on this guide. It really helps a tremendous amount.
Sadly, if you think about it, we really shouldn't have to do all this stuff just to survive in PvP combat.
I've played both sides for quite some time now, and its pretty ridiculous how overpowered Klingons are in the arena. Its next to impossible for Starfleet to win a match unless there are more Fed ships than Klingon. It can't be evenly matched or there's little to no chance of Starfleet winning. Feds have to do all this work, specialize their abilities specifically for the purpose of staying alive in PvP, whereas, playing as my Klingon captain, I can just go in with whatever skills I like, and often not break a sweat. As much as I get the cheap thrill of beating up on Fed ships with little trouble, I'm too much of an honorable Klingon to want it to stay this way. Hopefully Cryptic will balance things out soon.

There's my $ 0.02
What level pvp do you play at? T1 is very easy for the Klingons to win, but it quickly balances out by T3.
If you had such an easy time then you were not fighting experienced feds at T5 rank pvp -its vastly different and often goes iether way.

Originally Posted by TheKillerNacho View Post
Is this still necessary or is this a relic from an older version of the game? I was under the impression that EPS Flow Regulator was nerfed so it did not provide quicker weapon recharge any longer and that its main advantage in PvP is being able to switch in and out between Full Impulse and get power back after re-spawn quicker. Any tips?
EPS conduits still help with the ability to maintain constant power levels while firing rapidly.