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09-14-2010, 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by sharkball View Post
So I bought the Mercenary Gear for my Klingon Liberated Borg... but it doesn't give me the uniform choice!

I've since heard that it was a Fedo-only item, but it was not masked in the C-Store with "restricted" like the golden tribble, federation ship costumes, etc...

Since you're letting Klingons pay for things they can't use, you need to refund me my points and mark it "restricted" or unlock it so that klinks can wear it around too.

The C-Store sells the Mercenary Set for clothing options to Klingons but does not give Klingons new uniform options... if it doesn't work it should be "Restricted"... give me my cryptic points back!!
It should be restricted if the kDF faction cant use it. The Targ is only purchasable by KDF. The Best Buy Tribble is only purchasable by the federation side. Even says it. Those are restricted and blanked out.

Cryptic messed up on releasing the merc outfit without that restriction and should give you, the original poster, a C-Store Refund.

They cant offer something for sale to a part of the game that cant use it. They have done that for ships, tribbles, targs, other costume pieces. Why not this one? It looks like it was a big mistake. And Cryptic needs to fix it.