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09-15-2010, 01:08 AM
Short-term requests

1. I'm sure others have said this but expandable banking much like the fleet bank, but for solo players who need/want the extra storage space or those that don't want to have to deal with being locked out of withdrawing limits and such.

2. The TR-116 as either a c-store item or as a Memory Alpha item.

3. expand the Alien option in the character creator to include the full gambit of options, including but not limited to borg implants, all race traits, and features (tails, lobes, ext ext ext)

Mid-term requests

1. Reconnaissance Missions: simply put, get in, collect data and get out with out being seen. avoiding combat at all costs as it would sound alarms and make it just that much harder for you to finish the mission.
as of right now, most base ground events have a huge load of NPC's sitting on the objective's vital points and makes for a vary staged feeling. more roving hostile NPC's and stealth needed to finish the mission the better.

2. Research Missions: as the above would be more tactical in nature, the Research Missions would be more geared to Science, still with a matter stealth to them. this would be kind of a prelude to first contact missions. as we've seen in the expiration missions where you have to go planet side and deactivate a bunch of devices with out the local pre-warp inhabitants knowing, you'd met up with a pre-built base and learn about a culture by a cloaking kit that you'd get to keep after completing the full mission. lets say Cloaking Kit which gives a stealth buff for say fifteen mins. you need to complete the objective with in that time or get out of sight and recharge your kit.

3. Borg sphere Ship Holo Emitter. as with any other of the already out other-faction ship holo emitters that you can get from playing Dabo, it would be cool to have a device out that would let us make our ships look as if they were a borg sphere or cube.

Not to be confused with the Borg sphere
(aka Borg long-range tactical vessel) Affiliation: Borg Collective
Type: Long-range tactical vessel, auxiliary craft
Active: 24th century
Diameter: up to 600 m
Crew complement: up to 11,000
Speed: Transwarp capable, time travel capable
Armament: Tractor beams, plasma beams, phaser weaponry, torpedoes.
Defenses: High-power subspace field, auto-regenerative hull, ablative hull armor

that would be a must have if ever the BORG are open up as a playable faction.

Long-term requests

1. I've reversed the polarity of the Neutron flow: More Mirror Universe story lines and missions.

1.1. Mirror Universe Loot. a different engine system that when equipped to your ship turns your warp nacelle

2. *this one goes back to the banking issue* the exchange needs a little clean up. as of right now I'm seeing huge amounts of even the lowest level common items on the exchange at mind blowing prices. I'd say lets fix this and make the economy a better place for us all. if you sell something on the exchange the system should take a 2% fee from the sale. and only be able to post items on the exchange for a matter of fourteen days. two weeks a fair enough about of time. if your item dose not sell in that time, it goes back into your inventory or if you have no room there or in your bank, then it will be mailed to you. and as for items you buy off the exchange should come to you in the form of a mail attachment.

3. Delta Quadrant - would make for a fun and exciting expansion pack. Trans-warp to Caretakerís Array Outpost. a Trans-warp station built in orbit of the Talaxian colony where we last saw Neelix and commanded by his and Dexa's grown son who is applying to Starfleet thanks to the Trans-warp corridor making it simpler to get back and forth between Alpha and Delta Quadrants. Giving Starfleet a foothold. *if such a storyline would be excepted by canon nuts*