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09-15-2010, 01:45 AM
Short Term

1) continue to fix major bugs and glitches.....and work on improving visibility of GMs and in game customer service

2) continue with story lines and chapters (ie Deferi type stuff) but expand them out more and branch them out to include more Star Trek type stories/encounters

3) finish off story lines that were used to get people leveled ( personally i feel like a lot of them just went on and then all of the sudden ended and that was it....left me hanging kinda feeling)

Mid Term

1) more klingon content

2) develope better PVP system...would love to see sectors change sides through in game battles of players

3) more ships/ more in game species to encounter and fight....where are the ferengi?( this goes to previous point of more development of stories with reman/romulan factions....whats going to happen with the remainders of the alpha quadrant dominion...the true way issues...the borg.....)

Long Term
1) more playable factions....its been a month or two(?) since that poll was taken and if memory serves me correctly Romulans were #1 in the final tallies??

2) would love to see a federation Vice Admiral lvl ship that allows for more then one commander BO slot...If i remember correctly by the end of Star Trek TNG......all the bridge officers were LT commanders or commanders...with a few Lts...

3) continue to fix bugs and improve customer service and GM in game visibility....its not a good thing when the GMs are referred to by most of the players as a "MYTH"