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09-15-2010, 03:05 AM
in short line is that balance is great for pvp so maybee they should make the pvp skills difrent than pve.

like the dmg during pvp should be balanced more or less and not be like tac with 8 lasers aiming at a scienceguy with 2 laser

nothing todo with being good in pvp or staying out of dmg or tank those guys cus they 1 shot everything and if they get shot at the run like chickens.

takes my as science about 5min to take down a ship.
running a tac with full air specs ONLY and front cannons and back 360 lasers about 10sec.
i cant put lasers on my scienceship in the back.
tac however can still use 6 lasers in a combat aiming 1 guy in front of him.

so conclusion is they are overpowered and reason for me not to play this cus i dont like a loose loose situation.
i seek games where there is win/loose situation as it is challange.

atm PVP is not like this. and pve content i did all and i aimed for both pve and pvp and ground and air.

tip would be make more than 1 char but i need time to think if i rly want todo this effort for this.

i dont even have a endgame ship for my max char and its my first lol.

so sad i cant fly around in a explore science **** thats from my tier buhuuu:p